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Friday, March 10, 2006

First State of the Blog Address - 3/10/2006

I am traveling today and won't be back to my normal location until Monday, so no new real essay for today. The essays take at least an hour of quiet sit-down time to form themselves, and preparing them ahead of time is very...Not Me. So this post will just be off the cuff.

The blog is 6 weeks old, and there have already been 3,600 page loads, and over 2,200 unique visits. This is awesome. If you've become a regular reader/commenter, please know how much I appreciate your participation in the blog. I've said it many times before, but the blog was half meant to be a personal journal, and half meant to be a conversation. Without anyone to read or comment, it'd only be filling half it's role. Some observations:

  1. The topics keep coming easily and naturally. I feared after the first month of 5-a-week writing the topics would start to start to thin out and it'd get repetitive. Not true! There are at least another 2 weeks worth on tap, and every post seems to create new topics and ideas!
  2. Writing has been more fun AND more vexing than expected. It feels like each topic needs to be written with thought and care, so off-the-cuff posts like this one just haven't happened.
  3. Keeping the soft word count limit that was established after the first week has been challenging, but helps condense thoughts. It's very easy to ramble way past the limit if you just let your stream of consciousness roam everywhere on the screen. It also helps fill in topics that you are leaving light on description and words.
  4. It can be very difficult to write a personal essay without over-relying on "I, me, mine, myself" and other first person descriptors. It feels like these words distance the writing from the readers. Having people identify with the writing in some way is important. The indulgences I have allowed myself (ugh, see?) have been in parenthetical commentaries. (Like this one. But this one doesn't count. Because those first person words aren't being used. This was just an example. ME ME ME. See?)
  5. It's a good learning tool. People commenting have left links, books, and just bits of wisdom that have made this a fantastic learning experience. At some point, these need to be captured into a post of their own so others don't have to go browsing through the comments to see what they can see.

This ramble has taken too long already...but it was lots of fun writing! I ask again, if anyone has topics or subjects they'd like discussed, please just e-mail or ask for them. The well of creativity all this comes from is not bottomless, so I am depending on readers to help refill it from time to time. Even if it might seem off-topic, it's still something that might spark an interesting conversation.

Good Shabbos everyone!

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