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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Orthodox Jewish Conversion for Dummies

Oh how I wish that book existed. Or rather, how I wish it could easy to enough to perhaps condense into such a book.

I've been wanting to record my experiences on my path to conversion for some time now. I think I am finally at the point where I feel comfortable doing so. My point in creating the blog is to record my journey for posterity...Both my own, and others. I also enjoy the Jewish Blogosphere, and don't mind getting wrapped up in the passionate discussion that goes on out in the real world. While some of the kvetching can be draining, it's nice to hear opinions and see passion that isn't being spoon fed to me by rabbis. (Not that I don't love my rabbis, but...There is a place and time for everything, yes?)

Since I am unsure what the rabbis who are helping me along this process will necessarily think of everything I say here, I am keeping myself anonymous for the time being. All the learning I have in front of me is hard enough without being questioned and sidetracked by what I may or may not end up putting in my blog. Of course, this will mean I have to avoid details and dates that will out myself, and that can be a tall order. We'll see how I manage.

The first issue I will tackle in upcoming posts is: "Why are you converting?" It seems to be the question I get asked most often, and I find it tells me a fair bit of information about the person asking it based on their delivery. The gamut runs from: Sincere amazement and bemused surprise to indifference and even downright contempt. It's a challenge just about every day.

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